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Introduction and a fic link, if that's all right.

*waves* Hello! I'll keep it simple. I'm Nat. I've been in love with Trigun for a long time, ever since my ex brought it home. The ending of the anime, however, irked me to no end. To rectify that, at least in my own mind, I started scribbling on a fic that I call Unfinished Business... It's been posted on in a poor form; this is the updated version.

(Legal stuff: don't own, don't sue. They belong to Y.N, not me. Not even the cat. no real pairing at the moment, but makes reference to Vash's life with Meryl, and the child they had together. I have no clue if this is going to end up yaoi or het, which is kind of sad.)

That said, I look forward to goofing off with you guys in the future. ^^


Unfinished Business Chapter One
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