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     Okay so I need some kind of lame introduction for myself I suppose. Well I guess I could just jump right into it. I've been watching Trigun for about a year and a half now, and it has become one of my 3 loves/obsessions. I just recently bought the whole series on DVD, and have been watching them pretty much every night for the past month, lol. I wake up every morning to Sound Life from my Trigun Soundtrack (Of which I just boutght both). I also just recently bought a rare Trigun Vash Action Figure made by McFarlan. For those of you who haven't seen this particular brand ...

My VASH Figure

     It's beautiful, and I've heard it is rather hard to find, but I'm so glad I now own it! So yes, as well as being your all around Trigun Obsessee.. I've also done a fanart of Vash which is now hanging in my DeviantArt Gallery as well as on my wall in my dorm.

That link being HERE

     I'm quite proud of it, and I'm planning on doing another pic of Wolfwood ASAP.

     I suppose the last thing would be that I make Icons (When I do have time) and I've made a few Trigun Icons. One is the default on my journal and the other is this one...

Take and enjoy but please credit if you want it :-). I made it special for my friend  ili_chan

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