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Just tryin' to spark up some Trigun conversation...

I fixed the background ONCE AGAIN...but it's not as cute as it was at first...with the donuts flying all over the place. Grr...stupid websites who don't allow remote loading...So the only place I could find was which apparently allows remote loading to live journals, but resizes them to whatever it wants to, so a huge picture wouldn't be huge anymore and won't fit as a background. Make sense? Nope? Good.

I unearthed my first and only quiz I made a long long time ago. Like a year ago. Yikes! And it's none other than a Trigun quiz!!

You are Vash the Stampede!  You lucky devil you!!!!
You are Vash the Stampede! Doesn't that make you
all giddy?? You're very fun and goofy and
sometimes just plain nuts. You laugh and
cackle at things, but you're really different
inside. You've had a bit of a rough past,
perhaps. You're hurting like crazy on the
inside, and grinning to hide it. And you can't
help but dream of something or someone that
influenced you and your life, and can't help
but be a little emotional over the things you
love. You're quite gentle, despite what others
may think from your outward crazy disposition,
and you don't like pain and seeing others hurt.
Especially your friends and the people you care
about, so you will do anything to protect them.
Even if it costs you your own happiness. So
cheer on up, Vash, and grab yourself a donut!
You know you want to!! ^.~

What Trigun Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

It's a really long quiz (well, the answers are long at least) but I enjoy it. Well of course I do...I made it. LOL I'm so bad.

So...TAKE IT! ^_^ I wanna see everyone's results (as comments of course)!

Also, does anyone know the date when the next English translated Trigun manga is gonna be released? I wish they would print the date in the actual book like how the Fruits Basket manga is doing....grr....I hate being in the dark.
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