Adrienne (meryl_stryfe) wrote in projectseeds,

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Contest! Sorta...Okay, Maybe Not.

Hello Project Seeds Crew, this is your Captian speaking...We are now orbiting PLANET BOREDOM and would like to inform you to fasten your safety belts because Captian Meryl is bored and crazy.

Anyway. With that sad.

I hath a request for ye'all. **snert** Ye'all. Heehee. I funny.

Does anyone want to make Project Seeds a nifty new icon? I'm bored of the default one! Maybe something flashy and animated! By the way, this is a sad attempt to spark up a conversation. ^.^ Can you blame me? And whatever one I like the best, will become the new default icon! Kidding, I'll use them all eventually. Think of it like a Project Seeds Icon Making Contest. The winner gets...well...nothing. Just the satisfaction of making a Live Journal community a new icon, and getting me to shut up. ^_^*
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