And so it is... (ili_chan) wrote in projectseeds,
And so it is...

New Plot Hole Community

Hey all!

Just watched the last 5 Trigun episodes. Mmm... loved them!
But I noticed another plot hole. When Knives says to Vash 'Haven't you learn anything these past 15 years' or something to that effect and I was like ... 'hang on... They haven't even been alive for the past 15 years' if I can count straight.

So I thought this is it. There's so many things wrong with Trigun it's right funny.
So I created a community called trigun_plothole. It's here for everyone to rattle on about the little oddities that Trigun presents us. And there are many of them. So if you find something that seems odd or something you just don't understand because it makes no sense what so ever, do join and talk about it.

This community isn't here to flame Trigun, but to revel in the beauty of it's mistakes and oddities.
This community was inspired by modernmouse because of her observations. Very good question... how can they get salmon for Vash's sandwiches on a desert planet? How can the grow so many things without a lot of water? It's hell funny to think about. So if you have any wacky theories about anything in the Trigun universe do join.

trigun_plothole x-posted in several areas so forgive me.
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