Quicksilvermad (quicksilvermad) wrote in projectseeds,

Trigun Maximum


I went to the bookstore yesterday and nearly had a coronary when I found it on the shelf. It's so pretty! Even though it's a smaller volume, it's still enough to make me happy for at least six months (or until volume two comes out).

Quick! Get up and go buy it now!

*hugs manga*
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AHHHH! Oh my god! That's so exciting! I can stop looking at all the pictures in the japanese version of it I have and actually READ it! XD
And Vash with a ponytail! It's so precious! *giggles*

You'll have to excuse me. I'm just REALLY happy. I got Trigun Maximum the day before, and I'm graduating tomorrow! Yay!
AWWWWW ya'll are so lucky. Everywhere I went I couldn't find it. ::is sad::