Quicksilvermad (quicksilvermad) wrote in projectseeds,

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I hate being the new girl...

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I'm a Trigun-loving lurker here, myself, but I just had to pop out of hiding to tell you how much butt your little comic there kicks. That is quite awesome, and you should do more. ^__^ And welcome!
Thanks! And I will do more...once I get some ideas. ^__^;
hey that's a cool comic there! and your pic was really good too!
oh and i like your icon a lot too :)
I haven't been in here for a long time, but coming back to see that comic was well worth it. That comic was very very good, the art work was superb. Good luck with the next one you make.
Welcome to the group!

I loved the fancomic, both concept and art. Are there more in the works or planning that I should keep an eye out for? Please tell me yes...
You are very talented. You should totally join my Trigun Fanart community gunsmoke_art.